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Festival Schedule

[accordion_item title=”Machinima Expo 7 Schedule of Events”]

Machinima Expo 7 Festival Schedule

Sunday, November 23, 2014

All times pacific time (Los Angeles)


8am – 9pm


Consists of clips from our Official Selections, Jury nominated films and First Films. We’ll also be showing scenes from the last Machinima Festival (live) in New York back in early 2000.



Expo Intro with Ricky and Damien

An animated introduction to the Expo. Our full schedule will run at the end of this introduction.



Ricky’s Extended Machinima Expo 7 Trailer

Longer version of the trailer with clips from programming, panels and awards ceremony. A little taste of the complete festival.



Panel: The Screening Team On Film Submissions

Ricky,  Romily and  Damien discuss films submitted to the Expo 7 and the process of screening them. We mention our favorite films.  


Films: Screening Team Selects

Romily: Any Witch Way by Sabrina Denault

Ricky: Breathe by Yesikita Coppola

Damien: The Vonarburg Co-Operative by Edwin Stowe



Profiles: Damien’s First Time Directors

Damien looks at several of our first time directors, with clips and interview with Tom Ryan-Smith, creator of Small Spartans, Ep. 1



Filmmakers on their Films

Three filmmakers comment on their films which were chosen as Official Selections for the Machinima Expo 7. We will also screen them (except “Sands of Fire” which we will excerpt) the films as well.

Vilvi – Sun Dog

Mohammad Reza Hanafi – The Illusion

Davy Staelen – Sands of Fire



iPi Soft demo & videos (source filmmaker)

Ricky shares information on iPi Soft, a sponsor for the Expo. We’ll also screen clips from Source Filmmaker machinima films that have used iPi Soft as part of their workflow.



Presentation: Ricky & Damien on New Machinima Platforms

Ricky and Damien cover nearly a dozen new and updated tools for making machinima

Damien covers: FaceRig, Elite:Dangerous, Grand Theft Auto V, CryEngine.

Ricky covers: Unreal Development Kit, Unity/Cinema Director Plug-in, Tellagami, Shark3D, iClone 6 and Source Filmmaker/Mixamo Fuse



On iClone 6 with Ricky & John Martin

Ricky talks with John Martin from Reallusion about the new iClone 6: a complete overhaul of this popular machinima program



Five Minute Break

 Short 5 minute break. We’ll be showing extended screen capture from the game “The Long Dark”



Tutorial: Realistic Rendering in iClone by Geoff

Geoff Casavant demonstrates how to get more realistic rendering in Reallusion’s iClone.



Filmmaker Profile: Damien Valentine

The first of our filmmaker profiles. Damien Valentine (aka Darth Angelus) has been creating machinima for over a decade. In the last several years he’s produced three full seasons of his space opera “The Chronicles of Humanity”. We’ll show clips from this series along with films he’s created throughout his career.



Interview: Tracy Harwood on her Machinima Research Project

Interview with Tracy Harwood, researcher and machinima scholar, in Second Life on her recent machinima research project: “Machinima: Investigating the Cultural Values”.



Panel: Is Machinima in Decline?

Panel discussion on apparent decline in machinima submissions to the Expo and the changing machinima creation/distribution scene.

Panelists: Ricky Grove (moderator), Glenn Saunders, Tracy Harwood, Geoff Casvant, John Norton and Phil Browne



Tom Jantol’s Expo 7 Film

The mad genius of Tom Jantol is on full displya with his short promotional film for this year’s Machinima Expo 7



Mid-Festival Break for Half Hour

Half hour break for intermission. Clips from applications/game engines discussed in “New Platforms for Machinima” along with short tutorial by Warlord and vintage Drive-In movie video.



In Memoriam:  Loris Rizzo

Honoring the memory of Loris Rizzo, machinima filmmaker, who recently died of cancer. Clips from his films and short bio.



Peter Rasumussen Tribute

The late Australian filmmaker and screenwriter, Peter Rasumussen was an innovative machinimator whose feature-length film, Stolen Life, won many awards.

Phil Rice created this short piece to announce a new Vimeo archive of Peter’s films.



Kinte’s “The Spotlight’ Special Show: “What Do We Want Machinima to Become?”

Kinte, who hosts the long-running machinima podcast, The Spotlight, will moderate a panel discussion on ideas for machinima’s future with Petlove and Secret Rage in Second Life. 



Filmmakers on Their Films (Part Two)

Three filmmakers whose films were chosen as Official Selections at the Expo 7, discuss their works. We will also screen each film before their comments

John Herd – Standup

Michel Ducerveau – La Pornographic: Le Desir

Matt Dombrowski – Abstract



Filmmaker Profile: Hypatia Pickens

We profile machinima filmmaker, Hypatia Pickens, whose film, The Lover’s Confession: Three Tales from John Gower”, is nominated for our Jury. Her works are original and visually striking. We will show clips from her films and talk with her about her ideas and workflow



Five Minute Break

We will show footage from Elite:Dangerous, a new space game mentioned in our New Platforms for Machinima segment



Jury Film Screenings

The start of our Jury screenings. We will screen five of our Jury-nominated films complete and uncut.  



Awards Ceremony

Ricky takes us through the awards: 3 Jury awards will be announced followed by a screening of each film and an interview (where available) with the director.

Jury Award 1

Jury Award 2

Jury Award 3



Grand Jury Prizes

Ricky announce the winners of our two Grand Jury Prizes: one for conventional animation and one for machinima. The winning film will be screened in its entirety followed by a short interview with

the winning director (when available).


Grand Prize Animation

Grand Prize Machinima


Special Award for Outstanding Service to Machinima Community

Ricky announces our special award to the person who has  promoted the art of machinima and supported the community

with a selfless spirit.



Expo Closing Ceremony

Damien closes out our seventh Machinima Expo with thanks and acknowledgements. He will also post a link to an Expo 7 survey where you can give us feedback on the festival so we can

improve next year’s Machinima Expo.  



Expo closes. Jury reels start.

The seventh annual Machinima Expo closes and immediately starts to repeat 24/7 on our website and Ustream channel. We add all of the Jury films to our screening list.



[accordion_item title=”Machinima Expo 7 Complete List of Films”]

List of All Films Screening at the Expo 7

The Following list represents ALL of the films screening at the Machinima Expo 7. They are broken down into 5 categories: Jury film nominees, official selections, first film series and our director profile films for Damien Valentine and Hypatia Pickens.



Jury Film Nominations (10)


These 10 films are the very best that were submitted to the Machinima Expo 7. They are all beautifully crafted and original. Some of the films combine animation and live-action in ways that are striking and unigue. We will choose 3 films from this list to receive our Jury Prize and 2 films to receive our Grand Jury Prize (one for machinima, one for conventional animation)


El Balsero by Guillermo Zapata

3D Digital, 8:35 Running Time, Country: Colombia


Notes from Guillermo : Baru is a man who lost all their belongings in a flood in their village. Since then lives in a small raft, fishing memories of the river bottom.


The Tree by Sare Shafipour

2D Digital, 5:00 Running Time, Country: Iran


Notes from Sare: The story is about a woman and a tree, both of them belong to a land. They want to be there even during the war, because they rooted in their land. So they are the only companion for each other during the war.

Credits: Director: sare shafipour, Scriptwriter: moin samadi, Illustration: mehdi shiri, Animation: rasul shiri, Music: milad movahedi, Sound: armin bahari, visual effects: saeid gholizade, Executive producer: alireza golpaigany ,Producer: raiavin studio production year: 2014


The Lover’s Confession: Three Tales by John Gower

by Hypatia Pickens

Second Life Machinima, 27:03 Running Time, Country: U.S.


Notes from Hypatia: Three tales, narrated in Middle English, from John Gower’s “Confessio Amantis,” teach a king what is natural and unnatural, kind and unkind, virtuous and vicious.

This 27 minute film was made for the Third International Congress of the John Gower Society held at the University of Rochester in early July, 2014. It was originally three films that I put into one with a nod paid to Gower’s complex and allegorical Frame Tale. All adapted film is a reduction, in some ways, of a literary text, but I hope to have shown people that machinima is up to the task of representing the Middle Ages because it operates a little bit like a manuscript page in its multi-media: text and illumination and the voice that reads (here represented by the student and her book) along with music and moving image work together to bring a story meant for the imagination into a new art form. I find the artistic environments in Second Life, many of them surreal, especial


Don’t Worry I’ll Do It by Jordan Wong

Hand Drawn, 4:11 Running Time, Country: U.S.


Notes from Jordan: (poem) i don’t care, it’s up to you. don’t worry, i’ll do it. i deserve it, it’s fine. some days are better, overall i’m ok. take your time, no rush. good luck. travel safe. have fun. take care.

Gone Beyond by Aaron Dunbar

Hand Drawn/Digital, 5:46 Running Time, Country: U.S.


Notes from Aaron: The story of a couple torn apart by war, and a man’s journey through a strange and unknown land to find the one he loves.


Teddy’s Bowling Alley by Charly Fasano

Animated Block Print/Drawing, 6:06 Running Time, Country: U.S.


Notes from Charly: Teddy’s Bowling Alley is a short animated film that is featured in Charly Fasano’s newest book of poetry, music, block printing and film called Retrospect/ed. Teddy’s was made entirely out of drawings, linocut block prints, black paint, heavy stock paper, fishing line, duct tape and a cardboard boxes.



Paths of Light by Nelson Fernandes

Stop Motion, 4:20 Running Time, Country: Portugal

Notes from Nelson: “Paths of Light” is an abstract poetic journey that appeals the observer pure imagination. In this trip it can be understood a kind of inverted apocalypse.

credits: music by Pablo Rios



Aspect ratio 16/9 (Pal)

Technique Stop Motion

Medium Mixed technique on cardboard

Music by Pablo Rios

Performed by The Kiev symphony orchestra

Time 4′ 20”

Year 2013

Instructions to Hearing Persons Desiring a Deaf Man by Brooke Griffin

Tea leaves, watercolor paint, hand drawn, paper collage, 2D digital,

3D digital, Running Time: 3:58, Country: U.S.


Notes from Brooke: This short animated film, based on a poem by Deaf poet Raymond Luczak, is about the struggle of a Deaf gay man to find love in the Hearing world.

Technical and artistic list of credits: Directed & animated by Brooke Griffin Written & Signed by Raymond Luczak Original music by Benjamin Woo Produced by Harvard University Department of Visual & Environmental Studies Advised by Ruth Lingford Technical advising by George Olken and Pacho Velez Artistic advising by Chris Killip and Lucien Castaing-Taylor



A Life with Aspergers by Jaime Ekkens

Flash/After Effects, Running Time: 4:00, Country: U.S.


Notes from Jaime: “A Life with Asperger’s” is an animated documentary that demonstrates that Asperger’s is not simply “being a little awkward”, rather it is about adapting to one’s limitations in the face of anxiety and isolation.

Based on the Life Experiences of Emmett Goodman A film by Jaime Ekkens Directed and Produced by Jaime Ekkens Producers Brianne VanPutte Jose Maldonado Writers Emmett Goodman Jaime Ekkens Rotoscope Artists David Lyndon VanTuyle Katie Kirschner Josh Daniel Tristian Goik Brianne VanPutte Compositor Jaime Ekkens Score Julie Hill Sound Design Lucas Ciarlante


AWAY by Damien Colboc

2D Digital, Running Time: 4:23, Country: U.S.


L’Ecole Superieure d’Infographie Albert Jacquard presents Damien Colboc’s 2014 graduation film ‘AWAY’. This beautiful film follows the story of a man, a bear, a wolf and their journey of transformation.


Official Selections (43)


These 43 films are the official Machinima Expo 7 film selections made by our screening team. They are among the best films submitted to the Expo this year. There are a wide variety of topics and styles, but all of them have one thing in common: they are well made and imaginative.


Table for Two by Jake Coffey

  • Runtime: 00:07:46
  • Platform: Moviestorm
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Tagline: Two men Converse in a conversation, what happens next is unexpected.
  • Notes: Written, Directed by Jake Coffey Starring: Ricky Grove Jake Harrison Jake Coffey Made in Moviestorm
  • Website: Jake Coffey Vimeo page


RE:VIVE by Vilvi

  • Runtime: 00:09:42
  • Platform: Second Life
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: Finland
  • Tagline: “RE:VIVE” – A machinima science fiction short film filmed in Second Life. Reboot, reprogram, relive, revive – the world.
  • Website: Vilvi’s Vimeo Page


That Bitch Becky by Rebecca Rochon

  • Runtime: 00:06:30
  • Platform: TV Paint, DragonFrame
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Tagline: Becky, a socially desperate wasp, hosts a party in a transparent attempt to heighten her social status. Unfortunately the party spirals out of control and doesn’t go quite as planned.
  • Website: Rebecca’s Vimeo Page


Gravedad 0 by Fernandos Campos Mendoza

  • Runtime: 00:11:00
  • Platform: 3D animation
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: mexico
  • Tagline: Two robots of different companies arrive to an almost dead planet in order to make life sprout once again. Each one of them works in different places ignoring the fact they are both at the same little planetoid with the same mission. The lack of gravity makes things difficult for them, as plants can
  • No website listed


This is How I Feel by Joe Zazulak

  • Runtime: 3:24
  • Platform: Fraps and Sony Vegas Pro
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Tagline: Official music video for the song, “This is how I feel” by Demented Sound Mafia
  • Website: Joe Zazulak Vimeo Page


Nin9 Title Sequence (Extended Version)

by Marx Catteneo

  • Runtime: 4:18
  • Platform: Shot in Second Life
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: The Netherlands
  • Tagline: Title sequence / trailer for planned machinima webseries Nin9
  • Notes: This is an early version of the title sequence of an upcoming machinima webseries. The production of the entire series has been delayed due to technical problems on the production platform (Second Life/Open Sim), other platforms are currently being taken into consideration. The music is made custom made for this video by Laura Aastha Bondi, no copyright issues.
  • Website: Marx Catteneo YouTube channel.


Sakoku Chained Country by Ambrosia Lanley

  • Runtime: 21:14
  • Platform: Second Life
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Tagline: From Island Rain Studios a Princess Ambrosia Production presents Sakoku Chained Country.This is a story of one lost girl’s journey into our closed hearts, and how she changed the lives which entwined with hers. I am Fumi, a geisha girl. My mother was a geisha and when I came of age I became an atoto.
  • Website: Ambrosia Lanley YouTube channel


Project RG Episode 1 “YABAI-YUME” by TAKUMA

  • Runtime: 6:58
  • Platform: SecondLife Machinima
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Tagline: This is MUSIC PV of independent band GA-GO of Japan made using the second life.
  • Notes: -Second Life Machinima- This video is official PV of Compilation Album “Virtual” which utilized virtual world “second life” and was made. The music currently used is two new songs of Independent Band “GA-GO”. TAKUMA which is a director is a vocalist of GA-GO.
  • Website: TAKUMA Machinima Artists Guild page


Time Travelers Ep. 6 – Baby Universe by Russell Boyd, Pooky Amsterdam & James Canton

  • Runtime: 14:19
  • Platform: Second Life
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: USA/UK
  • Tagline: The final episode – for now, brings together our Time Travelers and the Meks, with Zanzibar’s capture of Mariah. We will experience what the Time Travelers, with the help of the advanced AI Sebastian must do to stop the Meks and their leader Zanzibar…by using every resource in their power.
  • Website: Pooky’s Pooky Media website


Any Witch Way by Sabrina Denault

  • Runtime: 00:01:06
  • Platform: Maya 2014, After Effects
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Tagline: This is the story of a blind witch named Arsénie. She is concocting a magic potion with the help of her loyal companion Sulfurin, a small creature from the woods. They both are very enthusiast that this healing recipe would deliver Arsénie from her blindness. The witch swallows the mysterious mixture
  • Website: Sabrina Denault Vimeo Page


Cold War by Julija Proskurina

  • Runtime: 00:01:44
  • Platform: Hand drawn via paint on glass
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Ukraine
  • Tagline: Childish memories mixed with the remains of Soviet anti-US propaganda.
  • Website: Julija Proskurina’s Vimeo Page


Abstract by Matt Dombrowski

  • Runtime: 00:01:00
  • Platform: Adobe After Effects
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Tagline: What does creativity look like? What happens inside our minds when creative inspiration strikes? “Abstract” deals with the visualization of creation. Through the visual simulation of energy, movement and color, abstract is meant as a glimpse into the unseen side of creativity.
  • Website: Matt’s personal website


Sun Dog by Vilvi

  • Runtime: 00:05:10
  • Platform: Second Life
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Finland
  • Tagline: Nearly 1/4th of homeless youth in Western countries identify themselves as LGBT. Machinima filmed in Second Life.
  • Notes: Made originally for Project Homeless film contest.
  • Website: Vilvi’s Vimeo Page


Decadence of Nature by Olga Guseva

  • Runtime: 00:07:00
  • Platform: Stop motion, 2d flash
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Tagline: Earth pollution is increasing at alarming speed.Fantastic creatures, animals- people try to survive in the new conditions. On the one hand, they suffer from pollution, on the other they continue to sail on the waves of the consumer society.
  • No Website listed


God of Sakarias by Carolina Hindsjo

  • Runtime: 06:33
  • Platform: Hand drawn, 2-d
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • Tagline: A man is in love with a woman and the woman is God. The story is about love.
  • Notes: sound: Lukas Nystrand von Unge actor: Kaj Markkanen
  • Website: Carolina’s Linked-in page


ONE by Sina Safatian

  • Runtime: 00:06:43
  • Platform: etc
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: Iran
  • Tagline: Painter paint his life in Difficult conditions.
  • Website: Sina’s personal website


The Illusion by Mohammad Reza Hanafi

  • Runtime: 00:02:04
  • Platform: 3d
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: Iran
  • Tagline: This is a human story that is illusion and vanity.And every day he gets farther away from the others (In this animation, the dialog is other world; the dialog with body language just to convey the abstract concepts (dialog not Persian, not English, not Spanish,…,and etc).
  • Website: Mohammad’s Vimeo page & main website, Shamisa | Art and Cultural Institute


Afghan Doll by Mohammad Abedian

  • Runtime: 04:22
  • Platform: CG
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Afghanistan
  • Tagline: Afghan doll is short story about a little girl during the civil war in Afghanistan.
  • In fact, this project is a short drama about the personality of women in Afghanistan from
  • the past up to now.
  • Website: Mohammad’s Vimeo Page


A Meditation on Isolation by Trevor Hewitt

  • Runtime: 00:03:55
  • Platform: After Effects, Keyframe animation
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Tagline: “A Meditation on Isolation” is a non-narrative film, so there isn’t a plot in the normal sense of the word, nor any set way the film should be interpreted. Each shot and the way the film progresses means a lot to me, but everyone is going to get something different out of it.
  • Notes: The film was animated with a technique I created, a type of 2D key frame animation, and the music is by Laryssa Chan.
  • Website: Trevor’s YouTube channel


Happy Dr. Who Day by Damien Valentine

  • Runtime: 00:00:58
  • Platform: Moviestorm
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: UK
  • Tagline: A video to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who, made for the RP Repository.
  • Website: Damien’s production website

yes by Nicholas Brown

  • Runtime: 00:03:17
  • Platform: Stop Motion
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Tagline: Music Video for Zach Miller, a close friend and musical genius. The concept behind the video
  • is an alien who inhabits strings of yarn to groove to the music.
  • Website: Nicholas’ Vimeo Page


Bigfoot and Baby by Kaitlyn Graziano

  • Runtime: 00:03:09
  • Platform: Digital Animation
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Tagline: A baby gets separated from her parents during a picnic and is found by the giant and intimidating legend, BigFoot. Although sceptic at first, the two become fast friends and feel inseparable…that is until Baby’s parents find them and want their baby back!
  • Website: Kaitlyn’s personal website


runtime error by Sandra Araujo

  • Runtime: 00:04:12
  • Platform: flash
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: Portugal
  • Tagline: Video games are emergent systems with their own particular internal relationships. This animation mashes up and deconstructs game spaces taking on a multitude of forms, from scrolling on one axis to several separate screens. The blocky 2D grids plasticity is emphasized through a reduced color palette in order to favor formal representation of early video games against the photorealistic, logically consistent 3D game spaces of recent years.
  • Notes: music – Cheapshot
  • Website: Sandra’s personal website


Godiva by BiggsTrek

  • Runtime: 00:14:00
  • Platform: iClone
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Tagline: “It’s 2153, and a small group of prospectors dig up more than they expect when they delve a little too deep into the heart of the uncharted corners of the asteroid belt.”
  • Notes: A sci-fi horror, directed by BiggsTrek Thanks to:,,,,,, Warlord, W.Veeke, peteradam6, Alley, – Moonlight_Sonata_by_Beethoven Becerra_string_quartet_4_-_1allegro + 2andante + 3allegro + 4allegro UnusExDiscipulisMeis Music Sources (all copyright free / public domain):
  • Website: Biggstrek’s Vimeo page


Falling Rain by Ryan Habelitz

  • Runtime: 00:24:14
  • Platform: The Movies
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Tagline: A man climbs aboard a subway train that takes him on a mysterious ride to destinations like his old high school, his house and the woods.
  • Notes: Written, Directed and Edited by Ryan Habelitz Music by Nate Poblete Made with The Movies: Superstar Edition for Mac Mods from 8 Eyed Baby, Machinimods and The Movies 3D Sound Effects by and Additional Sound Effects by Ryan Habelitz and Ana Garcia Special Thanks to TMUnderground and The Freesound Project
  • Website: Ryan’s YouTube page


The Residents by Tutsy NAvArAthnA

  • Runtime: 00:10:53
  • Platform: Second Life
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: France/India
  • Tagline: 700 light years away from Earth, on the the wandering planet IRASTA, 4th planet from the star Ogle TR113 in the constellation Carina. Computers are panicking! The solar system is in danger! The Androgynous Dul Loski and female part Onna Jaddor are chosen to be sent as permanent observers on Earth.
  • Notes: Music : with courtesy of : Carbon based, Toires, Nada and Hervé Chiapparin.
  • Website: Tutsy’s Vimeo page


Reckonings by Greg Sinclear

  • Runtime: 00:19:10
  • Platform: Iclone
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Tagline: A short film set in the south during the great depression and prohibition Era.
  • No website listed


Retribution by Greg Sinclear

  • Runtime: 00:10:58
  • Platform: Iclone
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Tagline: A Short Western inspired by the song “Big Iron” performed by Marty Robbins.
  • No website listed


After the Dead by Mark (Bezzer) Johnson

  • Runtime: 41m 34s
  • Platform: Iclone 5
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Tagline: After the Dead is an Iclone animated ‘Documentary’ about a Zombie apocalypse, which began in 1967 and ended very suddenly in 1995.
  • Notes: All the music used in After the Dead is freely available from except ‘Wish the world was the same’ by Kipster (written and composed especially for ‘After the Dead’) and ‘Dead End’ written and composed by myself.
  • Website: Mark’s Vimeo page

Gene Williams – Mr. “G” by Gene Williams

  • Runtime: 15:11
  • Platform: Second Life
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A
  • Tagline: Visual Artist/ Musician & Educator, Gene Williams gets ‘virtually real’ as ‘Mister G.’ in his first animated adventure of his experiences as a piano instructor at the Boy’s Club of N.Y. music department.
  • Notes: Filmed in Second Life. Machinima Written, Scored & Directed by Gene Williams
  • Website: Gene’s Vimeo page


Nintendo World: The Corona Saga – 5

by Tyler Redick

  • Runtime: 00:09:25
  • Platform: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Tagline: Nintendo World is a machinima series about video game characters teaming up to protect the world within our video game consoles.
  • Notes: This is the 5th episode of a series we’re very proud of. Tyler Redick – Director, cinematography, editor, writer, voice of “Mario,” “Olimar,” and “Mr. Game&Watch” Brett Slater – Voice of “Pacman,” “GameOver,” “Sonic,” and “Master Chief” Vince Szachury – Voice of “Luigi”, “Ocelot,” and “Wesker” Brennan Lowery – Voice of “Fox,” “Professor E.Gadd,” and “Riku”
  • Website: Tyler’s YouTube channel

The Assassin’s Dream Trailer by Kai

  • Runtime: 1:47
  • Platform: iClone
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Tagline: This is a trailer that I put together as sort of a pitch previz for a game project that is currently underway featuring a pyrokinetic assassin in a steampunk futuristic crime world. Produced using Reallusion’s iClone.
  • Notes: Scene assets provided by: Dexsoft Sinister Games Cellygon Vit3D Music provided by:
  • No website listed

Sands of Fire by Daniele Ciccone & Davy Staelens

  • Runtime: 00:43:00
  • Platform: Battlefield 2
  • Year of Completion: 6
  • Country of Origin: Belgium
  • Tagline: This machinima, created by Daniele Ciccone and Davy Staelens, was created in Battlefield 2 and took 6 years to make. Sands of Fire was released on sept 27, 2011 and was received with much enthusiasm from Battlefield players, and gamers all around the world.
  • Notes: Our blog can be found on There is a complete archive of how this movie came about, the difficulties both directors faced during production and lots of facts, production stills, teasers, trailers and so on.

La Pornographie: Le Desir by Michel Ducerveau

  • Runtime: 00:02:50
  • Platform: Hand Drawn, Stop motion, 2-D, Claymation
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: Poland and France
  • Tagline: Three women cat lovers and a dandy dancing lover, staying in the same house near to the beach, explore the mystery of spiritual and sexual tensions happening in there.
  • Notes: This is not my first film, but this is definitely my first fully animated film.
  • Website: Michel’s profile

Standup by John Herd

  • Runtime: 00:14:04
  • Platform: Moviestorm
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: New Zealand
  • Tagline: A would-be comic tries his luck at an open mike night.
  • Notes: A colleague in Dili, East Timor challenged me to write a stand-up routine to perform the following week in a pub where he had a regular gig. I took up the challenge but on the night the other guy “forgot” to pick me up on the way there. He told me later that he bombed that night so, knowing that I would never have the guts to perform live after that, I put this together since at least I could have complete control over the audience 😉 Cast Phil Vera, John Herd and Alison Moore.
  • Website: Moviestorm interview with John

The Vonarburg Co-Operative by Edwin Stowe

  • Runtime: 00:6:16
  • Platform: Fraps,Windows Movie Maker
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Tagline: A quick tour of the high tech station in Wyrd(Elite Dangerous solar system)
  • Notes: Fan video showcasing the details and variations of stations in the Elite Universe. the 3 stills were taken from youtube because my windows movie maker files- the video clips that I used- have been erased to make room for new video footage over time. hope that isn’t a problem.
  • Website: Edwin’s YouTube channel


BREATHE by Yesikita Coppola


  • Runtime: 07:23
  • Platform: Open Sim
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: The Netherlands
  • Tagline: This is a story about two lovers, a Geisha and a Samurai. Both warriors of love. Separate ways, living in different spaces now. Anxious longing, missing each other. She decides to leave her own space, letting her body and her soul fly be with him. The sublime meeting of two souls who love each othe
  • Notes: Filmed in FrancoGrid 3D Metaverse – OpenSim Locations Art Installations By Cherry Manga: – La Collection – Le Village -Terra Mater Avatars- Original Creations By Cherry Manga Music By Tryad – Breathe – Album Listen – The Rising – Album Instrumentals CC Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) Motion Graphics- Element Flowers: Falling Cherry Blosson, Pack – Sakura FrancoGrid – Open Sim
  • Website: Yesikita’s Vimeo page

image by Yousef Jafary

  • Runtime: 03:39
  • Platform:
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Iran
  • Tagline: Image is a short documentary_animation about the Imagination of a child from one of the Iranian stamp collections
  • Website: Yousef’s YouTube channel

DVA – No Survi by Andrej Kolencik, Peter Skala

  • Runtime: 00:03:00
  • Platform: 2D/3D Mix
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin: Bratislava, United States
  • Tagline: When souls which have forgot frivolity in lowliness,noting the fatal flight of worlds whereto this earth’s a hurled dream E. E. Cummings. When souls which have forgot frivolity in lowliness,noting the fatal flight of worlds whereto this earth’s a hurled dream E. E. Cummings. Director Andrej Kolencik, Peter Skala
  • Notes: Director Andrej Kolencik, Peter Skala
  • Website: Mr. Kolencik’s website


The Extraordinary Revolution of the Firebird by Ben Owora

  • Runtime: 00:04:00
  • Platform: Stop-motion
  • Year of Completion: 2013
  • Country of Origin: London, UK
  • Tagline: A woman comes to terms with loss
  • In a distant mountaintop monastery, as a woman struggles to understand the loss of her child, the peculiar actions of an exotic bird give her an insight into survival.
  • Notes: Director Ben Owora, Producer Ben Owora
  • Website: Ben’s YouTube channel


Pearly Silver by Kerrin Kokot

  • Runtime: 00:03:00
  • Platform: Live-action, Stop-motion
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin:Cape Town, South Africa
  • Tagline: Two armatures find love beyond the limitations of their imposed bodies
  • An artist strives to create a human likeness in her sculptures. At night they come alive and embody their own desires.
  • Notes: Director Kerrin Kokot
  • Producer Kerrin Kokot


First Signs of Life – Video Installation

by Ranko Andjelic

  • Runtime: 00:00:42
  • Platform: After Effects, 2D
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Country of Origin:Brazil, South America
  • Tagline: First Signs of Life was a Brazilian video installation directed by Ranko Andjelic, with
  • animation by J. J. Guest (B.Y.O. Pics)
  • Websites: Ranko’s website, BYO Pics websit



First Film Series (15)


Our special film series devoted to anyone who finished their first film by the Expo deadline on Sept 1. While the quality varies widely, we fully support all filmmakers who manage to get their first film done!

Magnificent Kaboom by Zachary T. Whitmore

Runtime: 9:35

Platform: Anime Studio

Year of Completion: 2014

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Tagline: Magnificent Kaaboom!!! will mark the resurgence of the cartoon. When the world has been shaven by a drunken barber, Magnificent Kaaboom!!! will grab planet earth by the throat, forcing it to heal, no longer aimlessly wondering like the last mosquito of fall attempting to flutter away and out run the

Notes: I did everything. I love you


I Sense Danger by Ayton Hunter (Christian McGee)

Runtime: 00:01:19

Platform: Halo Reach

Year of Completion: 2012

Country of Origin: Wales, United Kingdom

Tagline: A team of two soldiers, McGee & Captain, are deployed to take out Covenant Forces. Little does McGee know, Captain has a trick up his sleeve.

Notes: Youtube Channel Credits Credits for Writing, Editing, Directing, etc. : (Myself) AytonHunter Credits for Equipment usage: IronIgloo Real Name Credits: Director, Writer, Editor and Voice of McGee: Christian McGee Co-Writer and Voice of Captain: Gareth Guy Produced by; Stuart Williams The channel this is uploaded on was a friends channel, and it was him who allowed me to use his equipment to produce a HD remake of the original, which can be found on my channel here:



One Lost Night by Jim Melody (Eric Takkar)

Runtime: 6 min 40 s

Platform: Fraps and Movie Maker

Year of Completion: 2014

Country of Origin: USA

Tagline: This film is a thought of what one mans dreams might be like. It took some time to set the sets for this project. I totally enjoy this Art Form and more are in the planning stages. Hope you enjoy it,this is my first one but know its not my last.

Notes: Please Note all credits are at the end of the film. Sorry unsure of how to add photos or still. Will try to but unsure hope this isnt going to stop the process.


Killing Killer for Killers: a bikers story by Akash “Dave” Divya

Runtime: 00:07:29

Platform: Game’s In-built editor + Cyberlink !2

Year of Completion: 2014

Country of Origin: India

Tagline: This is a story about a biker Hank, who was made an offer by Federal agents to kill another biker Lee from his rival Biker Gang for $50,000. But it was a trap for Hank.

Notes: Produced By: Akash Divya (a.k.a. Dave) Directed & Edited By: Akash Divya (a.k.a. Dave) Script By: Akash Divya (a.k.a. Dave) Music used: Queen of the Night by Per Kiilstofte


The Hallway by Zeke365

Runtime: 50 minutes

Platform: The Movies Game

Year of Completion: 2014

Country of Origin: United States

Tagline: 5 teenagers dealing with 5 different problems are invited by a single to letter to this cemetery. When they are suddenly attacked by viscous dogs and are chased to a haunted shack. Now trapped. Upon finding another way out they stumble upon a hallway but do these doors lead to happiness or is a dece

Notes: This is my very first voiced movie that I have made. It has taken two years to complete and very proud of the voice acting alliance for providing voice as well the TMUnderground community for helping in production by giving advice and voices, I hope of all you will enjoy the movie.


Small Spartans Ep 1 by Tom Ryan-Smith

Runtime: 00:05:34

Platform: Halo 4, Live Action

Year of Completion: 2014

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Tagline: Episode one of Small Spartans a Halo 4 live action machinima about 3 players who have been transported into their Spartan avatars but in the real world… and micro. Created using the Halo 4 Forge Green Screen Walls on Forge Island.

Notes: Created by Tom Ryan-Smith Starring: Sonya Cerdan Jamie Norwood Mike Joseph Matt Woodhouse


Geometric Study by Piotr Zoladz


jjcc coronet by jjcc

Runtime: 5.33

Platform: sevond life

Year of Completion: 5 ju

Country of Origin: uk

Tagline: Second Life HDR Rendered

Notes: Filmed at Chaotic Parade I filmed at this sim on my previous video, I took the raw footage into photoshop and turned each peace of footage into smart object then using niksoftware I turned the smart object into HDR rendered objects which i then spent the past 2 days rendering every single frames of the video and then once that was done i layered it into premiere edited a bit and this is the result i hope you like it, as it looks a bit different from normal second life footage Music by Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Receptor Remix)



Chance the Nightmare Dare by Jeffery Thompson

Runtime: 00:03:03

Platform: maya/max 3ds

Year of Completion: 2014

Country of Origin: USA

Tagline: Chance is dared by Vlad to go into the snowcave.


A Play by Raheleh Zomorodinia

Runtime: 00:00:23

Platform: C4D

Year of Completion: 2011

Country of Origin: USA

Tagline: It’s a short animation. “A play” is about execution of a Pirate on the stage and its ghost separates from his body. This is a revenge by a woman pirate. The scene is on the ship,which is a metaphor for taking to afterlife.

Notes: Music: Hesamedin Mohamadian


Caracolito la abeyja y la nina by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser

Runtime: 00:05:39

Platform: Hand Drawn and After Effects

Year of Completion: 2013

Country of Origin: Argentina

Tagline: animated short film “Little Snail, The Bee and The Girl” for Children

Notes: Director, Producer, character designs, draweings,colour, screenplay, music : Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser First Assitent Director and Editing: Pablo Pedreira Voice and Narrations: Kelly Gavinoser sound: J. Fonjausen



Lua by Miguel Marino

Runtime: 00:11:03

Platform: handmade stopmotion

Year of Completion: 2014

Country of Origin: Spain

Tagline: A point of mutation in which darkness is replaced by light. MOON is an abstract animation film directly handmade on 16mm unexposed film stock. A handmade voyage to the moon.

Notes: FESTIVALS & SCREENINGS Arkipel. International documentary and experimental film festival. Jakarta (INDONESIA). 09/2014 Experiments in Cinema. Albuquerque (USA). 04/2014. Experimental Film and Video Art screenings. University of the Arts Helsinki. (FINLAND). 04/2014. Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival (USA). 03/2014. SOUND DESIGN: Mikko Virmajoki DOCUMENTATION


Shapes by Colin Cooper

Runtime: 00:05:06

Platform: iClone

Year of Completion: 2013

Country of Origin: England

Tagline: A none dialogue amusing little family film about a group of silly shapes having fun and finding musical hoops.

Notes: Cast Circle – Ser Cle Square – Squarando Triangle – Tri Angel Music Audio Network – Home and Dry Capemedia Music – Shapes Theme Written by Colin Cooper Sound Effects Sound Effects Collection Animation iClone 5.5 Pro Editing Colin Cooper with Sony Vegas Written by Colin Cooper Directed by Colin Cooper Produced by Capemedia UK Limited Productions Copyright (c)2014



The Embryo Who Came in from the Cold by Ganit Orian

Runtime: 5:25

Platform: 3D maya

Year of Completion: 2013

Country of Origin: Israel

Tagline: 3 IVF embryos dream about their mother.

Notes: This is an enlarged trailer for an in-producting feature film called:”The embryo who came in from the cold”. Ganit Orian (me) is the writer, director, art director and producer. The Israeli Studio Rubican made the animation and Deddy Tzur and Daniel Alchen provided the music (I have the rights for the music).


Failure (Clip from Operation Zealot: Recovery) by Jeffery Cole Vakassian

Runtime: 00:01:32

Platform: Halo 4

Year of Completion: 2014

Country of Origin: United States of America

Tagline: A man is looking out a window over the ocean. A subordinate walks in and reports to him some bad news. The villain is not please. He calmly asks the soldier’s name, and what he told him when he put him in charge. The soldier is terrified by this.

Notes: Voice Credits: Sebastian Ruiz Herndandez (as the evil guy), Jeffrey Cole Vakassian (as Richard Bryan). Edited, Directed, Filmed, and Written by: Jeffrey Cole Vakassian. Full feature coming 2015.



Director Profile: Hypatia Pickens


  • Lover’s Confession:Three Tales by John Gower
  • Tilt
  • Cloud
  • Stolen Child
  • Wulf and Euduwacer



Director Profile: Damien Valentine


  • Consanguinity
  • Death of Jar Jar
  • Heroic Rescue
  • Great Bug War
  • COH





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