Runtime: 55:40
Platform: The Movies
Year of Completion: 2012
Country of Origin: France
Director: Vivien Beaumon, Facebook Page

Tagline: A gang of youths decided to spend a few days in a place quiet and away from everything, one of them discovered on Google Earth a former nuclear test village. They decided to go there together.

Notes: Genre : Slasher Screenplay : Laviv42 Directed by : Laviv42 Music : Laviv42 Casting by : Lukavey et Laviv42 Runtime : 55min41 Casting : First couple — Riggs et Mélicendre Jenny — Annabelle Eva — Marlène Emilie — Charlène Ian — Lukavey David — Reggie Metalfox Pete — Laviv42 Jack — Michael Mayers Attendant — Cinecittà Biker — Luke Kage Pregnant women — DeGali

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