Submissions to the Machinima Expo 8 Are Now OPEN

The Machinima Expo 8 is now accepting submissions for its 8th annual virtual film festival which will take place on November 22, 2015. You can submit your film through our website (Use the SUBMIT link below) from June 1st to Sept 30st, 2015. This year we are returning to our roots and accepting Machinima (real time animation in a game engine) only. No other forms of animation will be accepted. 

5 Simple Rules for submitting your film to the Expo 8

  1. 1. At least 60% of your film must be machinima. It must be shot in a real-time, game engine. 
  2. 2. Your film cannot have been submitted to a previous Expo
  3. 3. If you use copyrighted music in your film we will only consider it for screening NOT for our jury competition. 
  4. 4. You must provide a link from Vimeo or Youtube for us to download your film (you can make it private if you want)
  5. 5. You will have to fill out our application providing us with contact info, credits and a few snapshots from your film for publicity. 

In return, we promise to consider your film carefully and let you know the first week of October, 2015 whether your film has been selected for the Expo 8. Jury Awards will be announced at the Expo in November. 

Note: if this is your FIRST MACHINIMA FILM then you we will automatically screen the film regardless of its merit as part of a special screening reel. This is part of our new FIRST TIME DIRECTORS SERIES. Be sure you indicate that this is your first film when you fill out the submission form. Be honest!

If you can abide by our 5 Rules, please click the SUBMIT YOUR FILM link below to begin the submission process. We will notify you when your submission is complete