Runtime: 9:00
Platform: SecondLife
Year of Completion: 2013
Country of Origin: France/India
Directory: Tutsy NAvArAthnA, Tutsy’s Vimeo Page

Also : Narcissus “english version”
Narcisse ” Version Française VO “

Tagline: Ma participation au MachinimUWA VI – “Reflections”
Who does not know of the myth of Narcissus?
The demi-god who from birth caused all to fall madly in love with him but who died tragically being in love only with his own image!
Less well-known is the prediction made by Tiresias, Nemesis’ cursed intervention, the nymph Echo’s love for Narcissus and the dramatic story of love and lose that follows.
It is a tale illustrating that death and revival are intertwined.
A mythological story retains its longevity because the truths it reveals are as relevant in contemporary times are they were in ancient times.

Qui ne connaît le mythe de Narcisse ?
Ce demi-dieu capable de rendre fou d’amour n’importe qui dès le berceau et qui mourut d’inanition en tombant amoureux de son image.
On connait moins bien la prédiction de Tiresias et le drame d’amour maudit que vécu la nymphe Echo amoureuse de Narcisse.
Mythe où mort et renouveau sont intimement liés.

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