Machinima Expo 7 Schedule



Machinima Expo 7

Festival Schedule

Sunday, November 23, 2014

All times pacific time (Los Angeles)

8am – 9pm


Consists of clips from our Official Selections, Jury nominated films and First Films. We’ll also be showing scenes from the last Machinima Festival (live) in New York back in early 2000.


Expo Intro with Ricky and Damien

An animated introduction to the Expo.

Our full schedule will run at the end of this introduction.


Ricky’s Extended Machinima Expo 7 Trailer

Longer version of the trailer with clips from programming, panels

and awards ceremony. A little taste of the complete festival.


Panel: The Screening Team On Film Submissions


Ricky,  Romily and  Damien discuss films submitted to the Expo 7 and the process of screening them. We mention our favorite films.  


        Films: Screening Team Selects

        Romily: Any Witch Way by Sabrina Denault

        Ricky: Breathe by Yesikita Coppola

        Damien: The Vonarburg Co-Operative by Edwin Stowe



        Profiles: Damien’s First Time Directors

Damien looks at several of our first time directors, with clips and interview with Tom Ryan-Smith, creator of Small Spartans, Ep. 1


        Filmmakers on their Films

Three filmmakers comment on their films which were chosen as Official Selections for the Machinima Expo 7. We will also screen them (except “Sands of Fire” which we will excerpt) the films as well.

Vilvi – Sun Dog

Mohammad Reza Hanafi – The Illusion

Davy Staelen – Sands of Fire


        iPi Soft demo & videos (source filmmaker)

Ricky shares information on iPi Soft, a sponsor for the Expo. We’ll also screen clips from Source Filmmaker machinima films that have used iPi Soft as part of their workflow.


Presentation: Ricky & Damien on New Machinima Platforms

           Ricky and Damien cover nearly a dozen new and updated tools for

making machinima

Damien covers: FaceRig, Elite:Dangerous, Grand Theft Auto V, CryEngine.

Ricky covers: Unreal Development Kit, Unity/Cinema Director Plug-in, Tellagami, Shark3D, iClone 6 and Source Filmmaker/Mixamo Fuse


        On iClone 6 with Ricky & John Martin

Ricky talks with John Martin from Reallusion about the new iClone 6: a complete overhaul of this popular machinima program



Five Minute Break


Short 5 minute break. We’ll be showing extended screen capture from the game “The Long Dark”


Tutorial: Realistic Rendering in iClone by Geoff

Geoff Casavant demonstrates how to get more realistic rendering in Reallusion’s iClone.



Filmmaker Profile: Damien Valentine

The first of our filmmaker profiles. Damien Valentine (aka Darth Angelus) has been creating machinima for over a decade. In the last several years he’s produced three full seasons of his space opera “The Chronicles of Humanity”. We’ll show clips from this series along with films he’s created throughout his career.



Interview: Tracy Harwood on her Machinima Research Project

Interview with Tracy Harwood, researcher and machinima scholar, in Second Life on her recent machinima research project: “Machinima: Investigating the Cultural Values”.


        Panel: Is Machinima in Decline?

Panel discussion on apparent decline in machinima submissions to the Expo and the changing machinima creation/distribution scene.

Panelists: Ricky Grove (moderator), Glenn Saunders, Tracy Harwood, Geoff Casavant, John Norton and Phil Browne


        Tom Jantol’s Expo 7 Film

The mad genius of Tom Jantol is on full displya with his short promotional film for this year’s Machinima Expo 7


        Mid-Festival Break for Half Hour

Half hour break for intermission. Clips from applications/game engines discussed in “New Platforms for Machinima” along with short tutorial by Warlord and vintage Drive-In movie video.


In Memoriam:  Loris Rizzo

Honoring the memory of Loris Rizzo, machinima filmmaker, who recently died of cancer. Clips from his films and short bio.


        Peter Rasumussen Tribute

The late Australian filmmaker and screenwriter, Peter

Rasumussen was an innovative machinimator whose

feature-length film, Stolen Life, won many awards.

Phil Rice created this short piece to announce a new

Vimeo archive of Peter’s films.



Kinte’s “The Spotlight’ Special Show: “What Do We Want Machinima to Become?”

Kinte, who hosts the long-running machinima podcast, The Spotlight, will moderate a panel discussion on ideas for machinima’s future.


        Filmmakers on Their Films (Part Two)


Three filmmakers whose films were chosen as Official Selections at the Expo 7, discuss their works. We will also screen each film before their comments

John Herd – Standup

Michel Ducerveau – La Pornographic: Le Desir

Matt Dombrowski – Abstract



Filmmaker Profile: Hypatia Pickens


We profile machinima filmmaker, Hypatia Pickens, whose film, The Lover’s Confession: Three Tales from John Gower”, is nominated for our Jury. Her works are original and visually striking. We will show clips from her films and talk with her about her ideas and workflow


        Five Minute Break

We will show footage from Elite:Dangerous, a new space game mentioned in our New Platforms for Machinima segment


Jury Film Screenings

The start of our Jury screenings. We will screen five of our Jury-nominated films complete and uncut.  


Awards Ceremony


Ricky takes us through the awards: 3 Jury awards will be announced followed by a screening of each film and an interview

(where available) with the director.

Jury Award 1

Jury Award 2

Jury Award 3


Grand Jury Prizes

Ricky announce the winners of our two Grand Jury Prizes: one for conventional animation and one for machinima. The winning film

will be screened in its entirety followed by a short interview with

the winning director (when available).

        Grand Prize Animation

        Grand Prize Machinima

Special Award for Outstanding Service to Machinima Community

Ricky announces our special award to the person who has  promoted the art of machinima and supported the community

with a selfless spirit.


 Expo Closing Ceremony

Damien closes out our seventh Machinima Expo with thanks and acknowledgements. He will also post a link to an Expo 7 survey

where you can give us feedback on the festival so we can

improve next year’s Machinima Expo.  


Expo closes. Jury reels start. 

The seventh annual Machinima Expo closes and immediately starts to repeat 24/7 on our website and Ustream channel. We add all of the Jury films to our screening list.