“What is the Expo?”

Now in it’s 8th year, the Machinima Expo is a virtual film festival dedicated to machinima, the art of real-time animated filmmaking. You can learn more by clicking on our FAQ page. Sign up for our newsletter (see below) to receive up to date info!

You can watch all of the 38 official screeners and the 11 Jury nominated films for last year’s Machinima Expo 7 by visiting our Expo Vimeo page or our Expo Youtube page. There’s over 12 hours of machinima to watch. Have fun and be sure to leave a comment!

The Machinima Expo 7 took place on Nov. 2th, 2014, from 10am to 4pm (pacific ). You can review the entire Expo schedule by clicking this box. You can also download the schedule on our Google Docs page.




The Expo is You!

 We want to inspire you. From the very first Machinima Expo back in 2008 our main goals have been to present high quality machinima films from all over the world and to create a virtual space where the machinima community can come together, meet and exchange ideas

All of our programming, awards and presentations are focused on getting our machinima community excited! We want you to meet other like-minded people at the Expo, see new films and come away from the festival inspired. And perhaps even create your own film? Yes!

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