iPi Soft to Co-Sponsor the Machinima Expo 7

We are delighted that iPi Soft (pronounced “eye-pie soft”), an application that brings “motion capture to the masses“, will be co-sponsoring the Expo 7. The company has sponsored us for last two years (Expo’s 5 & 6) and we are so glad they decided to support our festival again. 

I first met Michael Nikonov, the company’s chief technology architect, at Siggraph 2008 in Los Angeles and discovered he was a big fan of Valve’s Source Engine and specifically designed iPi Soft motion capture formats to be compatible. I introduced Michael to Ian Chisholm, who ended up using iPi Soft motion capture system for animation on his magnificent Clear Skies machinima films. The animation in the film is superb and much of it has to do with iPi Soft motion capture software. 

Since then I’ve stayed in touch with Michael and have been very glad with iPi Soft’s success. That the company chose to support our festival this year is a real honor. 

Our sincere thanks to Pavel Sorokin (marketing director), Michael and Vicky Gray-Clark for setting up the sponsorship. We will be providing programming at the Expo in November (2014) to introduce this affordable markerless motion capture system to our festival audience. I think you’ll find that iPi Soft will be a very good investment if you plan on creating natural motion captured animation for your film. 

iPi Soft is scheduled to release the latest version of iPi Motion Capture, v3, on/around October 29th. So, the Expo Grand Prize winners will be getting just-released versions of the software which looks pretty cool!

Overall, iPi Soft will be awarding two prizes. Each is a one year subscription to iPi Studio Pro (Starting with version 3, iPi Soft is renaming the “Standard” version to iPi Studio Pro. In addition, they are also moving to a subscription model. Expo Grand Prize winners will receive a one-year license which will start from the date of activation. 

Here is a pdf of the iPi Soft brochure which provides more specific information about the application. You can also visit the iPi Soft website and view their gallery of machinima films made using iPi Soft motion capture technology. The iPi Soft newsletter gives you up to date news on the application. The demo above also gives you a good idea of what iPi Soft can accomplish.