EXPO 8 To Become Mini-Expo

Over the 8 year history of the Machinima Expo, we have always received at least 100 films to consider for screening. Last year we received about 50. This year (at the 3 month mark with one month to go) we have received a grand total of 18 films. As I said last year, “If we don’t receive enough films to make the Expo worthwhile, we will cancel”.

Well, I’ve called my own bluff. Damien and I (the last producers standing) don’t want to cancel, but we can’t present the Expo the way it’s always been, with multiple screenings, awards, live chat, and hours of programming. We don’t have the money, the films, and with a big lack of staff we don’t have the time.

Damien suggested with mini-me the Expo this year and after a lot of thought I agree. The Mini-Expo 8 will take place on Sunday, November 22 on our Facebook page and at this main website.

Damien and I have created a short video to explain more of our reasoning and details of the Mini-Expo 8.

Summary: No Full Expo on Nov 22, but Mini-Expo. ALL films submitted up to the deadline of Sept 31, 2015, will be screened. We will not have awards, but there will be some short programming pieces. No live chat (we are working on a FB chat, but don’t count on it).