Programming Schedule – Expo 6

November 17th, 2013

10am to 4pm (Pacific Time)

Note: All programming appears on our Ustream channel either on our website (www.machinima-expo.com/Ustream) or our Machinima Expo Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/machinimaexpo) and Twitter page (https://twitter.com/machinexpo)

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10am   Introduction and Welcome


             Presentation Sessions – Practical Knowledge


10:05      An Expo Look Backwith Damien, Ingrid and Ricky


10:13        Presentation 1 “How to Edit Video to Tell a Coherent Story

                    with Russell Boyd


10:44       Presentation 2 “Finding the Experimental in Machinima

                    with Hypatia Pickens


11:14        Presentation 3 “The Sketch-Up to iClone Pipeline” 

                    with Geoff Casavant


11:56       Presentation 3 “How to Build Sets in Moviestorm” 

                   with Damien Valentine


12:26pm Susan Johnston on “How to Monetize Your Machinima


01:00      Presentation 4 “On Style in Machinima” with Pooky Amsterdam


01:35     The Wolf & Dulci Hour Special Expo Show


02:05      Presentation 5 “History of Machinima in 9 Films” 

                  with Ricky Grove


03:15     Special Panel Discussion “Machinima Now

                  with Paul Marino, Ricky Grove, Chris Burke & Hugh Hancock


             Film Sessions – Celebrating New Machinima


03:40     Harb40 Passion Competition Reel


03:50    Special Premiere: A New Film from Phil Rice


03:56    Official Jury Nominated Films Teaser


04:02   Jury Award Winning Film 1 Announced

                 Jury Film 1 Screens


04:22   Jury Award Winning 2 Film Announced

                 Jury Film 2 Screens


04:36   Jury Award Winning Film 3 Announced

                Jury Film 3 Screens


05:02   A short look back at the our Expo Grand Prize winning films


05:05  The Grand Prize winning film announced

                Grand Prize film screened / Director Interview


05:15  End of Expo. Thank you and acknowledgements


05:20pm Second Life party (location listed below)


                      (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/vesuvius/100/175/25 /?title=vesuvius)


                    (Note: you must have Second Life installed to be able to transport to this link)