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What is the Machinima Expo?

The Machinima Expo is a yearly virtual film festival for machinima created by volunteers who are themselves machinima filmmakers and artists. Machinima (muh-shin-ih-muh) is a form of 3D animation made entirely inside of a real time engine. Now, when we say “engine”, we mean a video-game engine like World of Warcraft, Second Life or Half Life 2. These engines make it possible for users/players to capture their actions inside of the real-time 3D world and then edit them into animated scenes. This is machinima (machine + cinema)

Machinima began in the gaming world right around 1996. It has developed steadily into a world-wide community of machinima filmmakers. The community is so large that some companies have made stand-alone machinima applications that make it easier for the filmmaker to create animation. Companies like Moviestorm, Reallusion (iClone) and Muvizu all have one foot in the gaming world and one foot in the animation world. And that’s part of what makes machinima so unique: it’s a mix of styles and forms. 

We formed the Machinima Expo to share machinima films from all over the world and to bring the international machinima community together to meet and share ideas. Since the Expo is a virtual festival, it takes place in cyberspace. We use tools like Ustream and Facebook to create and present our machinima festival, which usually takes place in the middle of November each year. 

You can learn more about the Machinima Expo by reading our FAQ and Staff pages (see above). Our current festival is Machinima Expo 8 which will stream on November 22, 2015 right here on our website AND on our Expo FB page. For last year’s festival, click “Expo 7” above to watch the films and view the schedule. 

If you decide to join us on November 22, the front page of our website will have the Ustream feed embedded. You can watch the festival films and programming and participate in the live chat. We will announce the full festival schedule in late October. Stay tuned.  

Thank you for coming to our Machinima Expo website!