What is machinima?

Essentially, machinima (machine + cinema) is 3D animation created inside of a real time engine (like a game engine). You can get a more complete answer to this question and learn about machinima history by reading the lengthy wikipedia entry for machinima.

Where does the Machinima Expo take place?

In the past, the Expo has taken place in the virtual world of Second Life and was then re-broadcast to our website (machinima-expo.com). This year (2014) the Expo will change that format and go to a pre-recorded format that we will then upload to our Ustream feed. The Machinima Expo is a virtual festival and we take advantage of all of the tools and applications that allow us to present films and programming in the best (and easiest) manner possible.

How can I attend the Expo?

The 2014 Machinima Expo will take place in November, 2015  (dates to be announced). The main way you can attend the Expo in 2015 is to come to our webpage (machinima-expo.com) and watch/interact with the programming which will be embedded on our Ustream channel there. You can chat with other attendees using the live-chat box to the right of the Ustream window. We will also be embedding our Ustream player on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Simply click the “Expo 8” link at the top of our homepage.

We will begin screening our Official Selection films in early via our Ustream feed. On the official festival date we will run our festival and screen all of the Jury-nominated films in addition to announcing the Jury and Grand Jury prize films. After the Expo, ALL of the films we’ve chosen for the Expo will screen on our Ustream channel.

What kind of events take place at the Expo?

The 2014 Machinima Expo will be simpler than years past. We plan on creating a one-day event that will last for approximately 5.5 hours (9am to 4pm pacific time) with a half hour break at noon. We will present an awards show, interview with Grand Prize winning directors, profiles of filmmakers, panel discussions and tutorials. We will screen all of the Jury-nominated films on the day of the Expo (November 23) and feature special interviews with the winning directors.

I just want to see the films. How do I do that?

We will start screening our official selections (43) on November 7th, 2014. You can watch them by clicking  the “Expo 8” tab on our home-page and follow the links to our Ustream player.
How do I find out what the schedule is?

The Machinima Expo 7 schedule will be available on our home-page on Nov 7st, 2014.  You can see the entire schedule here or you can download it as a pdf. We will also have a program. It will also be available starting November 7th on our home-page.

Does the Expo accept other forms of animation or is it only machinima?

The Machinima Expo 8 is a festival devoted to machinima only. We do not accept other forms of animation at the festival.

Are there prizes for the Expo film competition?

Yes! We award a range of prizes for 5 films at each festival: 3 Jury prizes  and 2 Grand Jury prizes. Our screening team chooses films they want to nominate to our outside jury (people from outside the machinima community). This year we nominated 10 films to our outside jury. Prizes consist of software from our Sponsors and additional computer hardware and software. Also, for the first time in Expo history we will be awarding actual physical trophies to the winners.

I submitted a film and it was accepted. How can I view it?

Every film chosen for the Machinima Expo 8 will be screened on our website and  on our Ustream player. Click the “Expo 7” tab at the top of the page for the links to these locations.

Hey, I like the Expo. When can I submit my machinima film?

Our submission period usually starts in June  and closes on Sept of each year. If you are interested in submitting your animated film check the front page of our website for the submission form starting in June of any given year.


There is no limit on length of film or content. All we ask is that you do not submit a film you have already submitted to the Expo before. This means you can’t submit your film twice to the Expo.

If your film is in a foreign language (french, japanese, etc) be sure you include english subtitles.

If I really really like a film and want to contact the Director, how do I do that?

Do a google search for the directors website or posts. If you are desperate, contact us and we will relay the message.

I want to sponsor your festival. Who do I contact?

We would be very happy to accept a sponsorship for the Machinima Expo. As long as your business is related to machinima and/or animation, we will respond promptly to any inquiries made using our Contact Us form. Usually we provide advertising on our website and fim reels along with a hand-made machinima commercial for your product which we will insert into the Expo festival.

Are you connected to machinima.com?

No, we have no connection to machinima.com. Originally, Hugh Hancock owned and operated machinima.com back in 2000. It was a locus for the growing machinima community. He sold the site in 2006 and it has become a huge you-tube channel(s). While machinima.com emphasizes the young, male audience for machinima, the Machinima Expo looks to an audience and community of all ages, races and colors. We consider machinima an animation art form and the films we accept and screen each year reflect that philosophy.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Use our Contact form to send us your query.