Machinima Expo 8 To Take Place on November 22, 2105

The Machinima Expo 8 will take place starting at 10am PST on Sunday, November 22, 2015 on our Facebook page and at this website. As previously announced, this will be a mini-Expo due to the very small amount of submissions and declining interest in the festival. But, take heart, as we plan to screen all 35 films submitted to us and provide a small amount of programming for those attending. This year’s Expo is being produced by Damien Valentine with assistance from Ricky Grove.

Machinima Expo 8 Programming

  • Animated introduction by Damien Valentine (DarthAngelus)
  • A Look at Future Machinima Platforms by Damien
  • M.D. McCallum’s “Introduction to iClone’s New Character Creator”
  • Special Award for Machinima Excellence
  • A Look Back at 8 Year’s of the Expo by Ricky Grove
  • 35 Machinima Films Screened

We are working on incorporating live chat during the Expo via our Facebook page so we can all communicate while the Expo is taking place.

How to Attend

This year will be very different from previous years. Produced on a much smaller scale, we will be screening video of our programming and films along with some live chat (look for the chat bar in the lower right hand corner of the page). You can come to our Machinima Expo Facebook page or this website’s front page to participate. You may end up having both sites upon for the chat as we aren’t sure we’ll be able to incorporate live chat at this website. In any event, you should be able to watch the show and chat with community members.

Our Final Expo

For a variety of reasons, some of which we will address at the Expo 8, this will most likely be our final Expo. Eight years is a good run and we are very proud of everyone who … Read the rest