Expo 8 Film Submissions

The Machinima Expo 8 will start accepting submissions on June 1, 2015. The submission period will run from June 1 to September 31, 2015 (4 months). The Expo 8 is a “back to our roots” festival and so we will only accept machinima films. On June 1, we will provide a “SUBMIT YOUR FILM” link at the top of our website (the current link is only a place-holder) where you will fill out the submission form.


Two simple rules you must abide by in order for us to accept your film:

1. Your film must be be machinima, or at least the majority (60%) of your film must be machinima. Our definition of machinima is traditional:¬†the use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic production”

2. You cannot have submitted your film to any previous Expo.

Your film can be of any length. Plus, you can submit a film made at any time, it just can’t have been submitted before.

Note to first time directors: If this is your first machinima film, it will automatically be accepted for screening. But it must be your first film and you have to be honest about it.

-Ricky Grove, Expo Producer… Read the rest

We Remain Machinima And Go Back to Our Roots

The Machinima Expo began as a virtual version of the real-life New York Machinima Festival which closed its doors way back in 2002. The New York festival was a signal event in the then cohesive machinima community and attendees from all over the world came away with new friends, new ideas and a greater sense of just how machinima was on the cutting edge of new media.

Twelve years have passed since those halcyon days and while the community has splintered and machinima is no longer so contemporary. The momentum of the machinima movement has shifted to machinima.com and their huge youtube channel watched by literally millions of (mostly) young male gamers. Attendance and submissions to the Machinima Expo have declined as a result. So much so that the Expo included traditional animation in the festival as a way of boosting attendance and challenging the machinima community to up their game. But despite some wonderful films and an excellent festival, attendance still declined. We remain a somewhat small coterie of enthusiasts with no real growth in site.

How to solve this problem has been on our minds for the last several months.

Re-Brand the Expo?

One of the avenues explored was the idea of “re-branding” the Expo into something like “Virtual Cinema Expo” or “Real-Time Animation Expo”. Several members of the community supported this idea, but it is a big change one that required careful weighing of the pros and cons. After extensive conversations within our Expo producers group composed of Phil Rice, Pooky Amsterdam, Ingrid Moon, Ben Grussi, ¬†myself (Ricky Grove) and Damien Valentine, we decided that we needed a wider base of discussion in order to make this decision. So we reached out to several scholars in the field (Phylis Johnson, Jenna Ng and Tracy Harwood, along with Read the rest